Contact Information 
Address (Office) E12-4010 Joong Sup Shim
(Lab) N22-2027
Phone (Office) 8822 4990
(Lab) 8822 4217
Fax 8822 2314
Ph.D. Dept. Bioscience & Biotechnology, Sejong University, Korea (2000-2004)
M.S. Dept. Applied Biology, Dongguk University, Korea (1998-2000)
B.S. Dept. Biology, Dongguk University, Korea (1990-1998)
2013-present Assistant Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Macau
2011-2013 Research Associate, Dept. Pharmacology & Molecular Sciences, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, USA
2006-2011 Postdoctoral Fellow, Dept. Pharmacology & Molecular Sciences, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, USA
2005-2006 Research Scientist, Biotechnology Industrialization Institute, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
2004-2005 Lecturer, Dept. Bioscience & Biotechnology, Sejong University, Seoul, Korea
2000-2001 Research Assistant, Dept. Bioscience & Biotechnology, Sejong University, Seoul, Korea
Research Interests
My research interest is to discover novel and selective anticancer drugs for clinical use. We have adopted the drug repositioning into anticancer drug discovery and development process to improve the efficiency and to reduce cost, time and potential risk of failure associated with the process. The study will involve screening of the clinical drug library (Johns Hopkins Drug Library, JHDL) using uniquely established screening assay platforms, studying the mechanism of the potential drug candidates through chemical genetic approaches and preclinical testing of the drug candidates using animal models. To maximize opportunity to discover selective anticancer drugs, we will continuously search for new cancer-specific drug targets using genetic screens. Following research aims will be pursued in this laboratory:
1. Drug repositioning using JHDL
2. Discovery, mechanistic study and preclinical testing of angiogenesis inhibitors
3. Identification of cancer specific drug targets using synthetic lethality screening
Representative Publications
  1. Yang EJ, Wu C, Liu Y, Lv J, Shim JS*. Revisiting non-cancer drugs for cancer therapy. Curr Top Med Chem, 2016;16(19):2144-55.
  2. Shim JS, Li RJ, Bumpus NN, Head SA, Kumar K,Yang EJ, Lv J, Shi W, Liu JO, Divergence of anti-angiogenic activity and hepatotoxicity of different stereoisomers of itraconazole, Clin Cancer Res, 2016 Jun 1;22(11):2709-20.
  3. Head SA, Shi WQ, Zhao L, Gorshkov K, Pasunooti KK, Chen Y, Deng Z, Li RJ, Shim JS, Tan W, Hartung T, Zhang J, Zhao Y, Colombini M, Liu JO. The antifungal drug itraconazole targets VDAC1 to modulate the AMPK/mTOR signaling axis in endothelial cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 2015 Dec 29;112(52):E7276-85.
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*Corresponding Author

International patent: WO/2010/042163 – Quinoline compounds as inhibitors of angiogenesis, human methionine aminopeptidase, and SIRT1, and methods of treating disorders. Liu JO, Shim JS, Chong CR, and Bhat S. 04/15/2010
Korea patent: 1006410760000 – A novel aminopeptidase N Inhibitor. Kwon HJ, Lee J and Shim JS. 10/25/2006
Korea patent: 1006046970000 – A novel calmodulin antagonist and an immunosuppressive agent comprising thereof. Kwon HJ, Shim JS and Lee J. 07/19/2006
International patent: WO/2003/105751 – Novel curcumin derivatives. Kwon HJ, Shim JS, Kim JH, Choi SH, Shin JH and Rho JR. 12/24/2003
06/25/2011 Young Investigator Award in “2011 KSEA/KASBP Northeast Regional Conference and Bio Fair”, Edison, NJ, USA
05/25/2004 Best Poster Award in “The 61st Annual Meeting 2004” of the Korean Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Seoul, Korea
10/18/2001 Best Poster Award in “The Annual Meeting 2001” of the Korean Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Seoul, Korea
Professional Activities
2010-present Member of the American Chemical Society (ACS)
2011-2012 Vice President of the Baltimore Life Scientist Association (BLSA)
2011-2013 Member of the Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA)
2011-2013 Member of the Korean-American Professional Community in Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals (KASBP)