The Animal Facility was deliberately designed to house specific pathogen free (SPF) animals in a Class 10,000 (Grade C) environment using individually ventilated caging (IVC) commissioned at a Class 100 (Grade A) level.

The source of the animals is primarily from the internationally recognized leaders in small animal production and breeding. Currently, the facility has 12 strains of mice and rats available for orders and these strains can mostly cater different natures of experiments the researchers wish to perform. All procedures including husbandry, basic manipulations as well as invasive procedures are performed according to the standard operating procedures of international standards. The facility is also well equipped with instrument to support in-house biochemical and hematological analyses that allow swift responses to disease outbreak in the vivariums.

Core Director (Acting Director) : Prof. Ruihong WANG/ Dr. Ruiyu XIE
Contact no. : (853) 8822 4923 / 8822 4975
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Core Staff (Technician): Avery, Iok Lin TAM
Contact no. : (853) 8822 4802
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Core Staff : Zheyu CAI
Contact no. : (853) 8822 4226
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Core Staff : Xiaotong TAN
Contact no. : (853) 8822 4221
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