The University of Macau is a leading higher educational institution in Macao and is making strides towards becoming internationally recognized for its excellence in teaching, research and service to the community. The University is growing rapidly with a number of new strategic initiatives including the relocation to a new campus and the establishment of the largest Residential College system in Asia. The new campus will be 20 times larger than the present one with a projected fast growth of student intake and faculty size. English is the University’s working language.

The Faculty of Health Sciences aims at providing excellent education programs, performing outstanding research and delivering dedicated services to the community. In particular, the Faculty of Health Sciences has been in the process to set up a number of research centers in the areas of Cancer, Development and Aging, Molecular Medicine, Immunology and Infectious Diseases, and Neurodegenerative Diseases. The University of Macau now invites applications in these areas for the following positions in the Faculty of Health Sciences. Subject to negotiation, incumbents may also be concurrently appointed to other leadership positions in the Faculty, such as Associate Dean, Center Director, Core Facility Supervisor, Sub-Team Leader, depending on the qualifications of candidates and need of the Faculty.

Academic Positions (Reference No.:FHS/AR/06/2017)

Research Assistant Professors (Reference No.:FHS/RAF/06/2017)

UM Macao Fellow in Health Sciences (Reference No.: FHS/MF/03/2018)

Other Positions in the Faculty of Health Sciences

Job RefPositionClosing Date
FHS/PF/06/2017Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Assistant in the Faculty of Health Sciences*
*Applications will be sent to all Principal Investigators in the faculty for consideration.
Until Filled
2016002Postdoctoral Fellow or Research Assistant in cancer immunologyUntil Filled
2016005Postdoctoral Fellow in Structural BiologyUntil Filled
2017002Postdoctoral Fellow in cancer biologyUntil Filled
2017003Postdoctoral Fellow in Bacteriology and Antibiotics DevelopmentUntil Filled
2017004Post-doctoral Fellow in Structural BiologyUntil Filled

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